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Open House

  • For the Seller

    • Open Houses are a great way to allow the general public access to view your property.

    • Your Realtor will be present to facilitate and host the guests as they arrive to view your home.

    • Open Houses are a great way to allow more people into the home and see the property. Some might just be neighbors who are curious to see your home. But, it’s a great opportunity to have more eyes on the property because they might know someone who is interested!

    • Open Houses are not just for those interested in buying but also those who might know someone who is buying.

  • For the Buyer

    • Open Houses are great opportunities to see a home without prior coordination. Once an open house is scheduled by a Seller, buyers can visit the property anytime within that window.

    • Unlike a scheduled showing, a Buyer will not be allocated an exclusive time slot to view the property. Instead, there may be multiple Buyers at the property simultaneously depending on the traffic coming through to visit the property.

    • Open Houses are generally not a good time to negotiate with a Seller’s Agent because they may be attempting to assist and answer multiple Buyers’ questions during the Open House.  It is usually better to contact the Seller’s Agent after the Open House is over to negotiate or submit an offer.

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