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REALTOR (R) Seller's Agent

A REALTOR (R) is real estate professional that is both a licensed real estate agent or broker AND a member of the National Realtor's Association. They are experts in the residential real estate process and help represent Sellers and Buyers during their real estate transaction.

On this page, we will discuss the role, duties, and responsibilities of the Buyer's Agent:

  • Role 

    • Showings: Sellers's Agents will coordinate with you and the prospective buyers to schedule time and access for property showings. 

    • Negotiations: Seller's Agents will assist the Seller in the Offer Negotiation process when the Seller receives offers to purchase their home. These include individual offers, multiple bids, and other offer situations.

    • Management: Seller's Agents will assist the Seller in managing the entire buying process by organizing all of the requisite documents and ensuring all parties involved in the transaction are active in ensuring the selling process is being executed properly and in a timely fashion.

  • Benefits - You do not need a real estate agent to sell a home; in fact, some home sellers leave the Seller's Agent out of the equation.  However, you might benefit from hiring one.

    • To save time. Agents are professionals who are active in the market and will have a pulse on the general market conditions in your area. Pricing a home properly on the market is important so that Sellers can receive the highest payment for their property and to sell quickly. Mispriced homes can end up staying on the market longer than desired by Sellers and may impair the Sellers ability to purchase another home and/or move on time.

    • To get information and help with negotiations. Good agents should have wealth of information to help you make a decision. And, they’ll handle a lot of complex paperwork on your behalf.

      • Offer

      • Contract

      • Contingency Negotiations

      • Home Inspection Reports

      • Appraisal Reports

      • Earnest Money

      • Escrow

      • Extension Requests

    • Another plus is that your agent will handle a ton of paperwork on your behalf. Unless you love filling out forms – and have experience in real estate transactions – this is a chore best left to the professionals, who should ensure that everything is done by the book. You could easily make a mistake with these documents. Mistakes can cause deals to fall apart or (worse) make you liable for an inadvertent breach of contract. (Licensed agent will have errors and omissions insurance to limit this risk.)

      • An experienced agent will make sure that everything that needs to take place — counter-offers, extensions, appraisal, inspection, walk-through, loan approval — happens when it’s supposed to and how it’s supposed to.​

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