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Home Remodeling

Speak with a professional today about your project!

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New countertops, appliances, cabinets, sinks, and completely new redesigns.​


New bath, shower, vanity, mirrors, lighting, sinks, and complete redesigns.


New Gutters, Deck, Patio, Painting, Windows, Sidings, Roof


Flooring, drywall, painting, and fully finished basements

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Where to Start?

Prior to reaching out to several remodeling services, we're happy to give you advice on how much you might expect to pay for your home update.

In our investment business, we work with several trusted construction and remodeling companies and we love sharing information with homeowners. 

We can also help you get estimates from various vendors anonymously so that you don't get bombarded with sales calls.

Get an estimate by filling out the form, call/text 773-389-5166, or email us at






  1. Gather Information - Room Measurements & Mood Board

  2. Get Estimate - Virtual, Call, or Physical Estimate

  3. Design Process (Optional) & Receive Proposal(s)

  4. Accept & Sign Agreement

  5. Schedule Construction Dates

  6. Execute Construction

  7. Final Walkthrough & Sign-off Completion





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Understand Your Reason

The reason for why you want to start a home improvement or remodeling project is very important to how we advise you on the project. 

There are different factors to consider depending on the reason for the renovation. For example, an improvement project to increase the home's value is different than building out your forever home concept.

Increase Value

Forever Home


Style Update

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Our Partners

We work with a variety of local contractors and companies to help bring our projects to life. ​

If you'd like our recommendations, enter your project details into the estimate form and someone from our team will speak with you to determine which contractors may be a good fit for your project.


We strive to get you a few recommendations so that you have more than one option!

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