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Deed of Title

  • A deed of title, or title deed, is a specific legal document that transfers the title of real estate from one person to another. Full ownership to a piece of real estate is given to the new owner. Usually, such a transfer would happen through a traditional real estate sale; however, a title may be transferred in other ways. An example of this would be when someone gifts a piece of property to another person.

  • In most cases, the deed of title is classified as a general warranty deed. This is a specific type of deed in which the current owner guarantees that they hold a clear title to a piece of real estate. This means that they are not only guaranteeing that they received a clear title from the previous owner of the property, but that no other individuals retain any interest in the property.

  • A general warranty deed is utilized for most real estate deed transfers due to the fact that it provides the greatest amount of protection of any deed. It may be known as a grant deed in some states.

  • Deeds of title should not be confused with a deed of trust. A deed of trust simply grants a lender or mortgage lender a lien on the property if a debt is owed.

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